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Tempo goes green at the Sophie Scholl nursery school

It's in the dining halls and the motor room of the new Sophie Scholl nursery school at Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris), that TEMPO acoustic panels has been set up.

A maximum of forty pannels has been settled in the nursery school.

First stop, at the refectory, where we can find some discs plated on the ceiling. When we look up, those are nicely mixed with circles made of adhesive coating with mirror effect as well as luminous hoops. Now, let’s head to the second dining area, where we can see, 4 cables suspended acoustic cubes merge with luminous cubes. This visit will end by the motor room. In which we can find some very large TEMPO discs. Custom-made in two or three parts, plated on the ceiling, integrated in LED circles

The whole is harmoniously installed in a shade of green, in line with the very modern and luminous interior of the school.



“Compared to our old premises, which were  very old buildings, it is much quieter in the dining halls especially when all 6 classes are present. It’s much more pleasant and less tiring.”

Head of the children’s club.




Technical Information

15 TEMPO Cubes 500 x 500 x 500 – Cover 6 faces – “LE” CHINÉ C66, C21, C56 – Special fixing. Suspended by 4 cables on 1 side.

16 TEMPO discs, diameter 1200 x 50 – Cover 1 face – “LE” CHINÉ C66, C21, C56 – Plated on ceiling

1 TEMPO disc, diamètre 1200 x 50 mm – Cover 1 face – “LE” CHINE,C56 – Suspended by 3 cables

1 TEMPO discs, diameter 1800 x 50 – Cover 1 face – “LE” CHINÉ C21 – Suspended by 3 cables

1 TEMPO Ellipse, 800 x 1800 x 50 – Cover 5 faces – “LE” CHINÉ C66 – Suspended by 3 cables

3 TEMPO discs, diameter 3600 x 50, 2 parts – Cover 1 face – “LE” CHINÉ C66, c21, c56 – Plated on ceiling

3 TEMPO discs, diameter 2400 x 50, 2 parts – Cover 1 face – “LE” CHINÉ C66, C21, C56 – Plated on ceiling

“TEMPO cubes are usually suspended by a single cable. However, the architect wanted them to be installed horizontally to be at the same level as the light cubes. DIGITEX quickly found a solution adapted to this constraint, by proposing to suspend the cubes by 4 cables so that the whole is harmonious. Overall, we are satisfied with the shapes and colours. In terms of acoustics, when the rooms are empty, there is no echo at all. We particularly appreciated the reactivity of the sales department, who gave us a concrete solution to meet the architect’s demand”

Isabelle Guillabert, construction supervisor – Company OUTAREX – Construction of housing and equipment.

The installer : Outarex

Photos : DIGITEX

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