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TEMPO acoustic panels have been installed in the historic building of Hôtel de la Marine in Paris

We promised you projects in emblematic places: here is one of them! 2021 is ending in style with a fantastic project in a prestigious setting at the Hôtel de la Marine,  right in the heart of the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

460 TEMPO panels installed in coworking spaces at the Hotel de la Marine in Paris

TEMPO products were installed on the second and third floors of the building, in the coworking spaces run by the MORNING company. TEMPO acoustic panels can be found in some of the common areas and over 50 offices, some of which are currently occupied by the International Football Federation (FIFA).

When working in an exceptional French heritage setting, it is a fact, we cannot help but be absorbed by the calm and serenity of the muffled atmosphere.

Technical Information

> 250 TEMPO Panels 605 x 1210 x 50 mm – 5 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Screw-mounted to wall
> 36 TEMPO Panels 605 x 1810 x 50 mm – 5 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Screw-mounted to wall
> 10 TEMPO Panels – 605 x 2410 x 50 mm – 5 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Fixed between panels
> 38 TEMPO Panels 300 x 2410 x 50 mm – 6 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Suspended by 2 cables
> 60 TEMPO Panels 300 x 1810 x 50 mm – 6 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Suspended by 2 cables
> 22 TEMPO Panels – 300 x 1210 x 50 mm – 6 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Suspended by 2 cables
> 24 TEMPO Panels 1210 x 1210 x 50 mm –  5 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Fixed between panels
> 12 TEMPO Panels 1210 x 2410 x 50 mm – 5 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Fixed between panels
> 8 TEMPO Panels 1210 x 1810 x 50 mm – 5 sides – “LE” Flammé F30 – Fixed between panels

“AZ DECO, the company in charge of installing the plasterboard and suspended ceilings, recommended TEMPO products to improve the acoustic comfort of the premises. Given the historical nature of the building, a stratigraphic study was carried out to find the colours that were used in the 18th century. We were very surprised by the wide range of colours available in TEMPO fabrics. We selected a light grey from the LE Flammé range, which perfectly matched the architecture of the building. In terms of acoustics, the materials of the existing building reflected a lot of noise (plaster, timber floors, wooden floors, etc.). The STUDIO DAP acoustic design office therefore recommended suspended panels which made it possible to treat the acoustics while hiding the cables and leaving the cornices visible. From a technical point of view, we had to integrate suspended lightings and motion detectors. We particularly appreciated the collaboration with Mr CHARRUAU who helped us find the correct reservation positioning. We are very pleased with the support provided by Mr CHARRUAU. He is the one who helped us to find the technical solutions and we thank him for that. He provided us with samples very quickly. It was a pleasure to work with him. In the future, if I have acoustic needs for other projects, I will definitely recommand TEMPO products by DIGITEX.”

Grégoire SCHAEFER, Architect – 2BDM architectes

Project owner : National monuments Center
The installer : AZ DECO 95
The acoustician : STUDIO DAP
Photographer : Marc LEPAGE

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