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The French National League of Rugby open they doors to TEMPO.

The meeting did not take place in a stadium, but in the brand new premises of the National Rugby League, newly refurbished by the architect Studio Vincent Eschalier and installed on rue Descombes in Paris.


At the beginning of the season, SNERCT Construction contacted TEMPO, in order to beat an opponent that is none other than « reverberation ».


From the council room to the meeting rooms, the creativity room and the multi-purpose room, through to the offices, there are no less than XV spaces where we can find a line of white fabric wall panels that perfectly fit in the decor. A total of 82 panels were installed.


A new TEMPO product has also been implemented in this project. The panels have been replaced by 24mm white felt sheets, glued to the walls in phone boxes. These little cabins allow you to get away from the scrum.


A satisfying result, as since the installation of the acoustic products, our adversary has been kicking back !





“We are satisfied with the way the acoustic panels look. Plus, we have a real difference in the acoustics.


League employee


Technical Information

2 TEMPO panels, 605 x 2410 x 50 mm – Cover 5 faces – “LA” TOILE White 210 – rail-mounted to wall

2 TEMPO panels, 605 x 1810 x 50 mm – Cover 5 faces – “LA” TOILE White 210 – rail-mounted to wall

15 TEMPO panels, 1210x 2410 x 50 mm – Cover  5 faces – “LA” TOILE White 210 – rail-mounted to wall

17 TEMPO panels, 1210 x 1210 x 50 mm – Cover 5 faces – “LA” TOILE White 210 – rail-mounted to wall

14 TEMPO panels, 605 x 1210 x 50 mm – Cover 5 faces – “LA” TOILE White 210 – rail-mounted to wall

31 TEMPO panels, 1210 x 1810 x 50 mm-   Cover 5 faces – “LA” TOILE White 210 – rail-mounted to wall

27 TEMPO sheets,  1000 x 1750 x 24 – “LE” PET Felt – F01 – Sticked to wall

“We contacted DIGITEX, a company we knew internally, to solve the acoustic problems of this new project. Mr. CHARRUAU provided us with very good support and the installation was very easy. Since the TEMPO panels were installed, we have had good feedback regarding the acoustics.”


Architect : Studio Vincent Eschalier


Photos credit : DIGITEX

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