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Discover how THE “Carré” perfectly fits into your suspended ceiling

For 150 years, the BODET Group has been innovating through 4 activities: building clocks, time synchronisation, sports displays and HR and time management solutions. So when Acoustics meets Time, we set the clocks back and synchronise ourselves on the same TEMPO!

630 acoustic absorption squares and 40 acoustic panels screw-mounted to wall 

As part of the fitting out of BODET SOFTWARE new building, a subsidiary of the BODET Group, specialised in software and hardware solutions for time and HR management, DIGITEX manufactured 630 acoustic absorption squares, installed directly in place of suspended ceiling tiles, and almost 40 acoustic wall panels.

Technical Information

> 149 TEMPO “LE” CARRE – 590 x 590 x 50 – 1 Side – “LE” Chiné 65
> 395 TEMPO “LE” CARRE – 590 x 590 x 50 – 1 Side – “LE” Chiné 45
> 86 TEMPO “LE” CARRE – 590 x 590 x 50 – 1 Side – “LE” Chiné 48
> 26 TEMPO Panels – 500 x 500 x 50 – 5 Sides – Screw-mounted to wall – “LE” Chiné” 65
> 12 TEMPO Panels – 500 x 500 x 50 – 5 Sides – Screw-mounted to wall – “LE” Chiné” 45

ESSOR INGENIERIE contacted us for the expansion of the Bodet campus in Cholet and particularly for the fitting out of the BODET SOFTWARE building. The objective was to optimise the internal layout of the premises in order to encourage teamwork in “AGILE” mode. The key words were : Flexibility and Digital. We therefore used the pixel theme, which refers to the emblematic game TETRIS. This concept, both playful and aesthetic, can be found on the floor with the carpet, on the wall with the acoustic panels and on the ceiling with “THE” Square, integrated in place of a false ceiling tile. Once the colour theme had been agreed with the client, we found what we were looking for in TEMPO’s colour chart with a range of blue and grey. OUEST BUREAU, who installed the false ceiling tiles and wall panels, is familiar with TEMPO products. The installation was easy. All in all, we are very happy with the result.

Thibault VALLET, Interior Architect – Fox Design

  • Interior architect : Thibault VALLET – FOX DESIGN
  • The installer : OUEST BUREAU
  • Photo : DIGITEX

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