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A colourful school-start for Notre Dame Saint-Sigisbert in Nancy

As part of the redevelopment of the school dining room at Notre Dame Saint-Sigisbert school in Nancy, the architect in charge of the project, Olivier TRY, asked DIGITEX for their TEMPO acoustic absorption products. The objective of this renovation was to keep the raw aspect of the exposed concrete slab and to combine it with an aesthetic acoustic solution. With a wide range of bright, warm colours, DIGITEX set a rhytmic tone with TEMPO for the new school year.


Today acoustics is a major issue in open spaces. Just imagine a few hundred children meeting at lunchtime talking all  about their exciting morning  . And you can believe it :  that’s a lot to talk about!
It is therefore important for everyone to be able to hear one another’s stories  and still keep  their  little secrets confidential…


“We have worked with DIGITEX several times and are familiar with TEMPO products, which are very easy to install. For this project, there were 6 different heights and 6 different shades. The main difficulty was to follow the precise layout plan provided by the architect. With our qualified team, we had no problems installing the panels.”

François TREFFEL, TREFFEL Society – Ceiling installation


“We are pleased with this new acoustic equipment. Our choice of colours was daring, and it ensured a harmonious and dynamic output of the new school restaurant, thus allowing, with warm colours, to “whet the appetite” of our primary and secondary school students. Both students and educational community of Notre Dame Saint-Sigisbert school complex are delighted to be able to enbjoy this new catering space from 2 September 2021.”

Corinne DROCHON, Administrative and Financial Manager of Notre Dame Saint-Sigisbert school.

Technical Information

> 58 TEMPO acoustic panels – 605 x 1210 x 50 mm – 5 sides – Suspended by 4 cables 
“LA” Maille 3D Naturel 001 / Chamois 218 / Chocolat 234 / Mandarine 010 / Orange 221 / Rouge 031 / Brique 025

> 38 TEMPO acoustic panels – 1210 x 1210 x 50 mm – 5 sides – Suspended by 4 cables 
LA” Maille 3D Naturel 001 / Chamois 218 / Chocolat 234 / Mandarine 010 / Orange 221 / Rouge 031 /

“The deadlines were very tight on this project, as we renovated the dining hall during the summer to have everything ready for the first school day. In addition, an air handling unit (AHU) was installed and its lowest point was fixed at about 2.30 m from the floor, which tremendously lowered the ceiling height of the dining hall. We placed the acoustic panels at different heights in order to gradually absorb the presence of these AHU ducts. The panels were laid out in such a way that they would fit evenly between the structural elements, the LED tiles and the air handling unit ducts, while ensuring a harmonious distribution of the chosen colours. We first discovered TEMPO products through their “Project of the Month” and we are very pleased with the high quality visual output : the depth of colour and the quality of the texture of the panels add a real warmth to the whole. We have had very good feedback. Everyone is very positively surprised by the overall look.”

Olivier TRY, Architect

  • Photographer : DIGITEX
  • The architect : Olivier TRY
  • The installer : François TREFFEL
  • The project owner : Corinne DROCHON, Notre Dame Saint-Sigisbert school complex

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