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Acoustic bedheads for a hotel in St Brieuc

In St Brieuc, in the Champ de Mars hotel, the bedheads are both relaxing and inspiring. Various landscapes from the Côtes d'Armor have been printed on acoustic wall fabric. What a great way to dream and escape in a peaceful atmosphere.

The objective was to renovate the hotel’s “room area” while bringing a warm touch.

An original and easy-to-install acoustic wall covering, which gives guests a personal and local touch, all in a cosy and intimate  atmosphere.


“We are already working with DIGITEX for the installation of acoustic panels. However, this is the first time that we have installed TEMPO stretch wall fabric. I was a bit cautious because I didn’t know the product. But it turned out to be very easy and quick to install. The only constraint was figuring out where to cut the strips, but Matthieu Lethellier, DIGITEX sales representative, provided us with good advice. It gives a stunning result and our customer is very happy.”

Xavier JEGO – SOQUET company – Suspended ceilings, modular partitions and acoustic solutions


Technical Information

TEMPO MURAL stretched fabric – “LA” Toile + wadding – Digital printing – Decowest System





“I had this idea in mind for a long time. After the COVID period, I relaunched the project and called upon Guénolé TREHOREL, a photographer, to get photos of landscapes in the Côtes d’Armor. Then it went very quickly. I was already in contact with the company SOQUET and in less than 10 days the 21 rooms were refitted. It’s one of my dreams come true. The regular customers could the difference straight away . They feel good, it gives a real cosy atmosphere. I am delighted.”

Muriel LE MENAJOUR, Hotel du Champ de Mars’ Manager in St-Brieuc

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