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A music conservatory set to the rhythm of the TEMPO pyramids (Episode 1)

2022 starts with music for DIGITEX. For this first project of the year, we are heading for the Rennes Conservatory of Musi

More than 200 acoustic TEMPO panels were installed in The Rennes Conservatory of Music

The project is based on two types of spaces: the reception hall and the music rooms. In this January newsletter, we are focusing on the pyramids installed in the lobby. In a future issue of the “Project of the month”, we will look at the panels installed in the music rooms of the Conservatory.  

To be continued…


“In the reception hall, the installation was tricky because we were standing on scaffolding at a height of 7 or 8 metres. So you can’t be as comfortable at that height as you would be at 2 or 3 metres from the ground. We had a precise assembly plan and everything was simple during the installation. Some of the panels were damaged on delivery but a DIGITEX sales representative and technician quickly fixed the problem. This was the first time we had to install acoustic panels with such geometric shapes. The products are perfectly well designed and very easy to install.”

Laurent GUERANDEL, The installer – GOUELLE Company – Carpentry and fittings

Technical Information


• 25 Tempo pyramid 4500 x 900 x 0 x 270 x 0 – 6 sides – CONCAVE  pyramidal (point up) – Suspended by 4 cable – “La” Maille 3D Neige 230
• 45 Tempo pyramid 4500 x 900 x 0 x 270 x 0 – 5 sides – CONVEXE pyramidal (point down) – Suspended by 4 cable – “La” Maille 3D Neige 230


The original objective was to reduce the reverberation of the reception hall, which had a high ceiling. When it opened in October 2021, a concert was held in the new space, which was not originally designed for the acoustic quality required for this type of performance. In the end, it turned out that the sound was perfect for concerts. This offers great musical possibilities for future events at the Conservatory. The shape of the panels was a purely aesthetic choice by the architect who found this geometrical shape interesting to give some relief to the space.

Nicolas ALBARIC, Acoustician – Atelier ROUCH – Acoustic architectural

Project owner : City of Rennes
The installer : Société Gouelle
Acoustician : Atelier Rouch 
Photographer : © Atypix

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